Arsene Wenger says playing Manchester City will test Arsenal's title credentials

Image: Arsene Wenger: Arsenal manager will know more about his side's title chances after facing Manchester City

Arsene Wenger believes a trip to reigning champions Manchester City will provide an early indication of Arsenal's chances of challenging for the Premier League title.

"It will be a test next Sunday but for us the most important part will be to maintain our level of performance that we showed against Southampton and go from game to game."


Arsenal lost Robin van Persie over the summer and Wenger suggested his side are starting to cope without the presence of last season's leading scorer. He added: "We are famous for having good passing and team play. "Sometimes an individual grows up and becomes the main charisma and carrier of the team and then people notice only him, but we've always built around the team player. "Van Persie scored 30 goals and when you score 30 goals everyone gives you the ball. That's as simple as that. "Our game at the moment is a little bit more diversified but let's see how we deal with that in the big games. "We have to go from game to game. The last two games were interesting."

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