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Space burger lands on Colchester United’s training ground!

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When an unidentified burger landed at Colchester United's training ground, the club's staff were left scratching their heads as to how it had got there

When a burger descended from space to land on Colchester United's training ground on Thursday, groundsmen at the club were stumped as to its origin.

Was it a cryptic message from another solar system, or possibly a bizarre ploy from an opposing team to upset United's preparations?

All was revealed when Tom Stanniland, better known by his YouTube name Kill'em, called the League Two club to explain.

"I sent a burger into space using a weather balloon," said Stanniland, who intended to eat it once it had safely returned to terra firma - wherever that may be.

"It had gone about 24 miles up and the weather balloon popped. It's come back down, travelled over 100 miles and landed right here."

A groundsman at Colchester found the burger, accompanied by a camera and parachute, at the club's training ground, Florence Park.

Stanniland was able to determine its location thanks to a tracker he had installed in the box carrying the burger into the earth's atmosphere.

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After contacting the club to confirm its whereabouts, Stanniland travelled down from his home in Sheffield to retrieve the cosmic burger.

However, the effects of the journey into space had taken its toll on the meal.

"It's not nice," said Stanniland.

Nevertheless, another giant leap forward for mankind.

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