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Championship: Ian Holloway wants to keep Wilfried Zaha & Kevin Phillips

Image: Ian Holloway: The Championship play-off winner is making plans for next season

Crystal Palace boss Ian Holloway could try to re-sign Wilfried Zaha on loan while the Championship play-off winners may also do a new deal for Kevin Phillips.

"The difficult thing for Kev is living in a hotel once or twice a week because he doesn't need to move his family any more. That's what you lose; you lose that desire. "So I don't train him every day. My lads accept that because they know what he does when he does turn up. "It's his enthusiasm that he needs to keep. It's that little spark inside him, that jiggle. That's what I want to keep. "It's your soul inside you. That little vibe when you get up in the morning. I've still got mine. Hopefully he's still got his. "I can't wait to see him again and thank him for how well he's played for me."

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