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Champions: How the world reacted to Leicester's unlikely title win

Newspapers around the world have reacted with praise to Leicester's amazing Premier League title win

Leicester's extraordinary Premier League title win has captured the imaginations of so many football fans - as well as headline writers across the UK and beyond.

Their success dominated the front pages of British newspapers on Tuesday morning, with some broadsheets and red tops adopting an uncustomary blue look in tribute to the champions.

Others went with the headline 'Blue done it' after Claudio Ranieri took a team which came close to relegation last season to their first ever top-flight league win.

While Arsenal became known as The Invincibles after they won the title without losing a game in 2003/04, the Daily Mirror dubbed Leicester "The Incredibles" in their headline.

A common theme focused on Leicester's rise from rank outsiders, with the Daily Mail proclaiming: "Football's 5000-1 fairytale: No-hopers Britain fell in love with are champs!"

The front page of The Guardian read "Leicester City: Kings of England" alongside a portrait of Richard III.

His skeleton was discovered in a car park four years ago and his reburial in Leicester Cathedral is believed by some to have brought the city good luck.

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It wasn't just at home that a link was made with a notable figure from the past.

In his Italian homeland, Gazzetta dello Sport mocked Ranieri up as Julius Caesar and exclaimed: "The world at the feet of Ranieri, Claudio is 'King' of England."

Corriere dello Sport was equally as gushing, calling the Leicester manager - who has managed nine different Italian sides - "King Claudio".

It said: "Chelsea come back [against] Tottenham and give the title to our coach. A feast explodes for the team that was 5000 to one."

French daily L'Equipe went with the simple "So Good!" emblazoned across the top of a picture of players Leicester's players celebrating at Jamie Vardy's house.

It added: "The Foxes and Riyad Mahrez blow a great win of freshness on the whole of the European football business."

In Spain, El Mundo said "Milagro Leicester" - translated as "Leicester miracle" - and added: "The tie between Chelsea and Tottenham gives the title of the premier to the modest Foxes."

America's Wall Street Journal described how Leicester had completed an "implausible run" to their first ever title.

It read: "Back when the English Premier League began, British bookmakers decided Leicester City finishing first was about as likely as San Marino winning the next World Cup.

"The principality might want to start mapping parade routes. On Monday night, Leicester City became the most improbable champions in English soccer history."

Time Magazine added: "All this has been achieved by a team of cast-offs, misfits and journeymen. No-one else wanted Leicester's players - if they had, these players would not have been at Leicester."

The China Daily reported celebrations in Asia, saying: "The result provoked an outpouring in the provincial English city and as far away as Thailand and Japan."

And halfway around the world, The Sydney Morning Herald ran several articles on the club's remarkable success.

Australian Leicester fan Trevor Marshallsea wrote: "Leicester City? Leicester Bleedin' City? How? Why?!

"As a Leicester fan, you don't usually breathe the same air as the big clubs. If you're holding hopes for the Champions League, you're usually also holding a PlayStation controller.

"After what we've been through, this is true believers stuff of the barely believable kind, the type that shows why you stick with a club forever."

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