Bury owner Steve Dale wants Football League expulsion overturned

Fans of Bury gather outside Gigg Lane following the club's expulsion from the Football League
Image: Fans of Bury gather outside Gigg Lane following the club's expulsion from the Football League

Bury owner Steve Dale is calling for the EFL to rescind the decision to expel the club from the Football League.

Dale told Sky Sports News if those requests go unanswered, he will be demanding an independent adjudicator to be appointed to review the decision and will also ask the other EFL clubs for their support.

He said: "If the many requests to rescind remain unanswered we believe an independent adjudicator should be brought in, we also want a secret ballot of all EFL clubs to ask the question if they want fellow clubs Bolton and Bury FC to be taken out of the league, I don't think they would want that."

Steve Dale
Image: Bury owner Steve Dale has called on the EFL to overturn their decision

Dale also confirmed to Sky Sports News he has two buyers who still want to purchase the club.

Two-time FA Cup winners Bury have been expelled from the Football League after 125 years of membership.

The news Bury fans had been dreading came after data analytics company C&N Sporting Risk pulled out of a deal to buy the club from Dale, 90 minutes before Tuesday's revised 5pm deadline.

Bury, who were formed in 1885, were unable to fulfil their first five league fixtures of the season and are the first team to be expelled from the Football League since Maidstone United back in 1992.

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A disconsolate Bury fan awaits news of Bury's fate outside the gates of Gigg Lane

League One will now comprise 23 teams for the remainder of the season and the number of relegation places will be reduced to three instead of four.

EFL: We did everything that we could

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EFL executive chair Debbie Jevans says taking the decision to expel Bury from the Football League left her 'absolutely devastated', but insists 'we did everything that we could'

Debbie Jevans, CEO of the EFL, said taking the decision to expel Bury from the Football League left her "absolutely devastated" but insisted "we did everything that we could".

"I'm absolutely devastated," Jevans told Sky Sports News. "Nobody - least of all myself or the board - wanted Bury to get into this situation.

"I saw you on television last night, I watched the scenes from the ground and one could sit there and burst into tears because it is raw emotion - it really is, and nobody wants to see that.

"We just had to look at ourselves and know we did everything that we could. People will always say you can do more. But if I look in the mirror, I know we did everything that we could."

Neville: Bury's heart ripped out

Phil Neville says the heart of Bury FC was ripped out after they were expelled from the EFL and explains how it has affected his family.

Phil Neville has been left devastated by Bury's expulsion from the EFL and has explained the emotional toll it has taken on his family.

"I'm devastated - My mum worked there for 31 years and my dad worked there for 27 years," Neville told Sky Sports. "He's got a stand named after him. My grandma, my grandad, my aunt, my uncle all worked at that football club.

"The town has had its heart ripped out, without a shadow of a doubt. You just feel sadness. Sadness for those supporters - 2,500 to 3,000 people - who bought season tickets.

"They stuck with that football club for 125 years. Passed down from family to family, and now the town doesn't have a football club. I find it unbelievable that it's happened.

A scarf is tied to the fence of Gigg Lane, home of struggling League One club Bury FC 2:04
A Bury fan reacts to the news that his club has been expelled from the EFL after a takeover of the club fell through

"I feel sad for my mum because she has had her heart ripped out too. She gave her heart and soul to that football club. It's one of those things I find hard to comprehend. Over the last six months, I've known the severity of it.

"My mum resigned 10 days ago but she has been working every day since trying to save Bury. She went in at 6.30am this morning thinking of all the supporters who were there cleaning the seats."

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