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Lionel Messi's form was key to Barcelona's La Liga win, ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo's Real Madrid

Lionel Messi out-performed Cristiano Ronaldo in the La Liga run-in to clinch the title for Barcelona, an in-depth study has found.

Both players scored seven goals in their previous six domestic games – Ronaldo netting two-hat-tricks – but it was Messi who came out on top statistically as Barca clinched the league crown at Atletico Madrid last weekend.

The Pro Soccer Development (PSD) stats team analysed the two star players in 13 key areas – and found Messi bettered Ronaldo in eight categories, with the pair tied in two.

Messi v Ronaldo

Messi out-shone the current Ballon d’Or holder when it came to dribbling, through balls, short passing and one-touch passing, although Ronaldo produced more attacking headers.

The team at PSD have translated those stats to rank the players in different positions – and found that Ronaldo’s strongest role would be as a striker.

Messi, meanwhile, is best-suited to attacking central midfield, although - unsurprisingly for players who have racked up 114 goals between them this season - both men score impressively in forward positions across the pitch.

Messi v Ronaldo

Messi’s top position

Attacking CM (rating 94)

Striker/ Right Wing (93)

Left Wing (92)

Ronaldo’s top position

Striker (93)

Left Wing/attacking CM (92)

Right Wing (90)

Pro Soccer Development claims to be the most advanced player development system commercially available in the world with technology that can be used at grassroots level and elite level.

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