Champions League: Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger calls Arjen Robben a 'very good diver'

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Wenger angry over Robben decisions

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger branded Bayern Munich forward Arjen Robben a "very good diver" after his side bowed out of the Champions League despite a spirited 1-1 draw against the holders at the Allianz Arena.

Wenger continued: "Our defending, our spirit was good. The frustration we had was the last 20 minutes I felt that Bayern was very vulnerable defensively and that we didn't take advantage of that. "We always missed the first pass, but I felt the situations were there where we could have made more of it. "At the end of the day, we never got them really under pressure. "Even at 1-1, you could see they became suddenly nervous, but because we never managed to make it 2-1, of course you could not really see how they would have responded. "They are a good team, they are a great side with great players. They played well but we still have regrets over the two games."

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