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Rivaldo faces Fifa investigation

RIVALDO'S disgraceful decision to fake a facial injury after Hakan Unsul kicked a ball towards him, could earn the Brazilian star a ban.

Turkey's Unsul kicked the ball in the direction of Rivaldo to earn a second yellow card in the game and earn himself an early bath.

However, the moment is shrouded in controversy after it became clear that despite the ball hitting his leg, Rivaldo, who had given his side their winning goal courtesy of a controversial penalty, clutched his face.

The Barcelona star admitted he had faked the injury saying: "The ball didn't hit my face. I used my experience and turned the situation out in our favour.

"The ball hit my leg and not my face, but the Turkish player was still wrong.

"My experience counts. I think he deserved to be sent off."

Fifa have taken a harsh line in the past on players that deliberately con the officials in order to get fellow players in trouble, and the governing body have confirmed they will study the incident.

It seems likely that the video evidence as well as Rivaldo's own admission could land the brilliant forward a suspension or a fine.

Brazil coach Luis Felipe Scolari has leapt to the defence of his star man, saying: "He was protecting his face from the ball.

"Rivaldo made a defensive movement because the ball hit him in the leg and was travelling upwards.

"The ball hit him on the hand because he was protecting his face."

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