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Atletico Madrid favourites with Barcelona losing their essence and lacking authority, says Guillem Balague

Lionel Messi of Barcelona takes on (L-R) Filipe Luis, Diego Godin and Tiago of Atletico Madrid
Image: Lucky number six? Messi hasn't scored against Atletico Madrid in their last five meetings.

Every week there is a different conclusion to take from the games at the top of the table.

Guillem answers your questions...

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Hi Guillem, what do you make of Jose Mourinho's recent public criticism of Fernando Torres? I am a Chelsea fan and have been disappointed with Torres performances but I am more disappointed with Mourinho's attitude towards Torres. I mean the lad's history and achievements as a footballer cannot be ignored simply because things have not worked out for him at Chelsea, he's got a World Cup and European Cup medals and has won the Champions and Europa leagues, he deserves some respect. For JM to come out and criticise Torres after he has humiliated him in Paris by playing Schurrle as a striker is very bad management in any business let alone football! Could it be that Torres and Mata are being humiliated by JM for being Spanish because of the way he was booted out from Madrid and criticised by the Spanish press? Anyone can achieve success if given big players but the likes of Wenger and Sir Alex have turned unknown players (Henry, Anelka, Cristiano Ronaldo) into world class ones... Geshaw GUILLEM SAYS: The biggest disappointment about this is that Mourinho keeps saying he's the biggest protector of his players, but I don't feel that he's protected Fernando Torres. Should he have more or better stats - yes, perhaps he should, but coaching is not about just having the best players and that's it, it's about getting a talented player - who has shown his abilities before - back to that same level. I don't think it's through a lack of trying, so I agree with you there. I also don't think it's a national Spain v Portugal thing, well, I prefer to think that's not the case. MARTINO'S MIDFIELD
Again Martino got it wrong; he played slow Fabregas instead of playing Alexis. In the Champions League there is only one rule - win or go home. If Barca is not going to overturn that home result on Tuesday, they will be out of top league. John Muthama GUILLEM SAYS: Martino will probably play four midfielders again and I think that's not the greatest decision against Atletico Madrid. I think he needs at least Pedro or Alexis in the team because otherwise they lack depth and become too predictable. Xavi has dropped deeper than in the past and his passes don't reach as far and he doesn't pass in behind the defences because he's too far away. NEYMAR CRITICISM
Tough criticism for Neymar. All the top South American players learn football at a smaller European club before coming in to a Barca or Real Madrid squad. His learning curve is that much harder. He looks better than any other 22 year old on the planet. Galen GUILLEM SAYS: I agree completely with the tough criticism for Neymar, it's expectancy. You can blame me for that as well because I've wanted more from him. I loved the way he came in to the side and was a very disciplined winger. Then he started losing it, partly because of confidence, partly because he didn't follow instructions and that's where the criticism came from. But it's true that as a 22-year-old he certainly is one of the best around.

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