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Paul Merson's Premier League predictions - Week 26

Merse expects a victory for Stoke and a draw between Newcastle and Spurs

Image: Moyes: more woe coming his way on Wednesday?

Arsenal v Man Utd

Fulham v Liverpool

Fulham will be exhausted because their approach against Man United takes up a lot of energy. Steve Sidwell must have covered every blade of grass and Kieron Richardson was out on his feet after running up and down the wing a thousand times. The air gets back in the lungs a lot quicker after a last-minute equaliser, but I can't see how they will live with Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge. They are playing unbelievably well and there is no doubt they are in the title race. I've said all along they should focus on their main aim of finishing in the top four, but if you look at their home fixtures and the fact they don't start playing in Europe again next week then you've got to say they are in it. I think this is a nice game for them and they should win it. PAUL PREDICTS: 0-4

Cardiff v Aston Villa

Aston Villa are one of those weird teams. If they'd won at home to West Ham you'd think they'd be out of the relegation scrap, but they had a shocking result and all of a sudden they are back in it again - even more so if they lose this one. The big advantage they have is that they are always going to score goals and win games away from home - and I can see them going to Cardiff and winning. If Cardiff lose this then, for me, it could be goodnight. Their confidence will be shot after losing to Swansea and the fans have been on their backs a little bit. If they don't score in the first 15 minutes the atmosphere could turn and I think Villa will play off that. They'll shut up shop for a while and then go and pick them off. PAUL PREDICTS: 1-2

Hull v Southampton

This Premier League is just so hard to call. Hull seemed to be on a slippery slope and you thought they were bang in it if they went to Sunderland and lost. But they bought some good forwards in January and they ended up playing against 10 men for most of the game on Saturday and winning comfortably. With their front two you would probably think they'll score enough goals to stay up now, so it really does all change so quickly. Southampton are one of those teams who can't get in Europe and can't get relegated - and so should be a really good cup team. This should be a good game because there's not much between the two sides. PAUL PREDICTS: 2-2

West Ham v Norwich

One minute it looks like West Ham are bang in trouble with Andy Carroll suspended, but they got a great result at Villa and if they win at home to Norwich then they'll be well on their way to safety. However, if Norwich win this game then it's a very different kettle of fish. Chris Hughton's team were very good against Manchester City and thoroughly deserved their draw. This is another hard game to call, but even though Norwich work hard I don't see where they are going to hurt West Ham, as they don't have much going forward. I think West Ham will just nick it. PAUL PREDICTS: 1-0

West Brom v Chelsea

Chelsea are more than a little horse - they are a very big and impressive horse. I wouldn't necessarily agree that they are the title favourites because of the games that Man City have got coming up, but they won't be far off. I can't see anything but an away win in this game because I'm quite worried about West Brom. I've tipped them as my dark horses for the drop and they haven't been letting me down. I'm afraid I can only see them getting ripped to shreds in this game. PAUL PREDICTS: 0-3

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