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How are the Sky Sports Power Rankings calculated?


How are the Sky Sports Power Rankings calculated?

Each week we list the top-performing players in the Premier League. These Power Rankings are based on points awarded to players for 35 different statistics - from goals and assists, to blocks and tackles.

Goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders and forwards receive a different number of points for certain achievements - for instance, a defender is awarded more points than a forward for scoring a goal.

Online, the standings will take into account the number of Power Ranking points a player has earned over the past five matchdays, with each previous game worth 20 per cent fewer points in incremental deductions.

Image: Kevin De Bruyne won the Premier League Power Rankings in 2019/20

Power Rankings: Premier League hall of fame

  • 2019/20: Kevin De Bruyne
  • 2018/19: Eden Hazard
  • 2017/18: Mohamed Salah
  • 2016/17: Alexis Sanchez
  • 2015/16: Riyad Mahrez

We will reveal the top 50 performers in the accumulative season chart at the end of the campaign, without any percentage reductions - to reveal this season's overall winner.

See the graphic below for the maths behind the Power Rankings...

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