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Bayern Munich boss Carlo Ancelotti on Star Trek Beyond role

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Carlo Ancelotti explains why he will be appearing in the new Star Trek film

What did Carlo Ancelotti get up to while he was out of work during the 2015/16 season?

Among other things, he swapped football management for acting and will be playing a cameo role in the next Star Trek film.

The incoming Bayern Munich boss will be playing the "small part" of a doctor in 'Star Trek Beyond', which will be released in July.

Explaining to Sky Sports News HQ how he landed the role, he said: "The husband of actress Zoe Saldana [who will play 'Uhura' in the move] is Italian and I have a good relationship with the family. They were in Vancouver to film the movie and they asked me to come and watch.

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"I went, spoke to the director [Justin Lin] and he said 'I'll put you in - small part'."

Ancelotti is returning to his day job this summer as he takes charge at Bayern Munich following Pep Guardiola's departure.

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Watch the video above to see Ancelotti explain his part in the film and do the Vulcan salute.

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