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France and England have most valuable World Cup squads in Russia


France and England have the most valuable World Cup squads in Russia - but where do all 32 nations rank?

Didier Deschamps' squad edge England atop the chart by just £21m, with both squads valued in excess of £1.2bn, according to a new Football Observatory report.

Brazil was the only other nation to smash the £1bn threshold, followed by Spain (£849m), Argentina (£814m), Germany (£788m), Belgium (£735m), Portugal (£577m), Uruguay (£466m) and Croatia (£366m).

Harry Kane is the most valuable player at the tournament with a price tag of £177m, ahead of Neymar (£172m), Kylian Mbappe (£165m), Lionel Messi (£162m), Mohamed Salah, Dele Alli (both £150m) and Kevin De Bruyne (£147m).

In terms of the groups, Group G is the most expensive with an estimated value of £2bn, with England and Belgium comprising a staggering 97 per cent of that total - while Panama and Tunisia are valued at just £13m and £51m, respectively.


Overall, the 32 squads are estimated to be worth £11.2bn - which means England represent more than 10 per cent of that total.

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