WATCH: Gary Neville wears Liverpool shirt with Jamie Carragher in Man Utd jersey

The shirts will be auctioned off for the pundits' chosen charities

Nev and Carra in rival shirts
Image: Nev and Carra in rival shirts

Gary Neville kept his word on a pre-match bet and donned a Liverpool shirt on MNF with Jamie Carragher also pulling on a Man Utd jersey.

At the Premier League launch show a few weeks ago, the duo took penalties against one another and the bet included wearing the shirt of the rival team live on TV.

Neville missed his - meaning he had to put on a Liverpool shirt signed by Xherdan Shaqiri - and although Carragher scored his, he also wore a Man Utd shirt for a brief amount of time.

Presenter David Jones announced on the show that the two shirts would be auctioned off for charities chosen by the duo.

Proceeds will go to Neville's charity the Greater Manchester Mayor's Homeless Fund and Carragher's charity Fans Supporting Food Banks. Keep an eye on the pundits' Twitter accounts for more details.

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Hit play on the video above to see Neville in a Liverpool shirt and Carragher in a Man Utd jersey!

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