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Mark Hughes says managers need to understand players amid Paul Pogba fall-out

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Mark Hughes shared his thoughts on how managers should deal with their players

Mark Hughes believes managers should know what "makes players tick", following Jose Mourinho's frosty encounter with Paul Pogba in Manchester United's open training session.

The tense exchange, which appeared to be about the midfielder's Instagram, on Wednesday morning, was captured by Sky Sports News.

Asked about dealing with fractious relationships with players, the Southampton boss said: "It's not easy. You've got a diverse group, every dressing room in this day and age is different, certainly at the top level.

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Pogba and Mourinho exchanged words during training on Wednesday

"It's made up of different players from different countries, from different cultures.

"You can't manage one size fits all, you've just got to know your group and know what ticks players' boxes."

Hughes played under Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United during the 1980s and 1990s, and while Ferguson adopted a tough approach, Hughes suggested their conversations did not usually stretch beyond team selections.

"From my point of view, every player needs different things from the manager," the Welshman added.

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"I didn't need in-depth talks about tactics or motivation from him, because I was able to manage myself.

"All I needed was that he picked me on the weekend. Other players need more, that's just the reality of the situation, everybody's different.

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Jamie Carragher gives his verdict on the Paul Pogba-Jose Mourinho situation

"My job as a manager is to get the best out of your players, sometimes you get it wrong and you won't get the response that you want but we all face that every single day.

"Players' moods change on a daily basis so it depends how you find your players, and up to you to get the best out of them."

Southampton travel to Wolves in the Premier League on Saturday looking for a first win in three games.

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