Premier League Pay-Per-View support plan for League 1 and League 2 clubs scrapped over Project Big Picture fall-out

Proposals were due to be discussed whereby club revenues from all Pay-Per-View games would be immediately channelled to help clubs in Leagues One and Two

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Plans to channel money from the new Premier League Pay-Per-View games into lower-league football clubs have been scrapped, because of the fallout from Project Big Picture, Sky Sports News has been told.

The executive from one Premier League club has told us proposals were due to be discussed whereby club revenues from all Pay-Per-View games would be immediately channelled to help clubs in Leagues One and Two.

But he says those plans have now been postponed, with the focus in Wednesday's Premier League Shareholder meeting shifting instead to the issues that arise from Project Big Picture - which include separate plans to help increase funding for the EFL.

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Culture secretary Oliver Dowden says he is confident EFL clubs will not go bust, reports Geraint Hughes.

Supporters of the Project Big Picture proposals say if they were actioned, there would be an immediate £250m payment from the Premier League for the EFL, and a commitment that 25 per cent of future Premier League revenues would be ring-fenced for EFL clubs.

Those proposals have garnered a lot of support already among the lower three tiers of English football, where Sky Sports News has been told there is overwhelming support for Project Big Picture.

Villa chief: Premier League model changes a concern

Aston Villa chief executive Christian Purslow says he is concerned about potential changes to a successful Premier League model which could come from Project Big Picture.

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Sunderland chief executive Jim Rodwell says although there are flaws in Project Big Picture he is in favour of the proposal.

"I don't know so much about Premier League Big Picture. I'm looking forward to the Premier League meeting today to hear the details from Manchester United and Liverpool," Purslow told Sky Sports News.

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"I must say I would be concerned about changes to such a successful and commercially outstanding league at a time when football needs all the success it can get to deal with financial problems."

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Most EFL clubs in favour of Project Big Picture

The EFL has confirmed the majority of its clubs support Project Big Picture plans following meetings with chairman Rick Parry.

Each division held its own individual talks with the chairman of the EFL on Tuesday and the "overwhelming majority" of EFL clubs have indicated a willingness to discuss the proposals.

A statement from the EFL said: "The proposals, which look to address the long-term economic imbalance across the football pyramid while also addressing the short-term financial need created as a result of Covid-19, received strong support, with an overwhelming majority of clubs indicating a willingness to discuss the proposals further on the basis that the primary benefits for the future of the English pyramid are clear.

"It was agreed that the proposals must be addressed and discussed in detail across all stakeholders for the benefit of the English game, and while there are no specific timescales for what happens next, there is a clear need for a progress in this matter as quickly as practically possible."

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