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Ref Watch: Man Utd-Tottenham incidents with Alejandro Garnacho and Destiny Udogie not penalties, says Dermot Gallagher

Plus: Luton's controversial equaliser against Burnley after apparent foul on James Trafford; should Chelsea's Malo Gusto have been sent off for a challenge on Willian?; lengthy VAR check for an Alex Moreno goal in Aston Villa's draw at Everton

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The Ref Watch panel assesses multiple incidents from Manchester United's home draw with Tottenham Hotspur

Dermot Gallagher returns with the latest Ref Watch and says incidents between Alejandro Garnacho and Destiny Udogie were not penalties.

Man Utd 2-2 Tottenham

INCIDENT: Manchester United wanted a penalty after Alejandro Garnacho felt he was pulled down by Tottenham's Destiny Udogie.

DERMOT SAYS: "I didn't think there was enough in it for there to be a penalty. But as a defender, why would you do this? Why would you run the risk?

"He doesn't have to do that. It doesn't look right, does it? He's got hold of him, making contact, but he's not pulled him down. I'd have been really surprised if a penalty had been given."

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INCIDENT: The same two players were involved in an incident at the other end as Garnacho committed a foul on Udogie inside the area.

DERMOT SAYS: "I don't think this is a penalty either. There's minimal contact. Even Richarlison, the closest team-mate to him, doesn't think it's a penalty."

Burnley 1-1 Luton

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Former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher analyses Luton's equaliser against Burnley at Turf Moor and says it was a decision for the referee and not VAR

INCIDENT: In the build-up to Luton's late equaliser, Burnley felt there was a foul on goalkeeper James Trafford, but VAR did not review the incident. Afterwards, Burnley co-owner JJ Watt said it was disgraceful referee Tony Harrington and VAR missed it.

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DERMOT SAYS: "I thought it was a foul but a lot of people don't think it was a foul.

"That's why I don't think it's one for VAR. It's the referee's decision. Shay Given, a former goalkeeper, doesn't think it's a foul.

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"So there's a lot of people who would side with me and a lot of people who would go against me. There's nothing in law saying where a player has got to stand.

"There's nothing in law to say he's got to get out of the way of a goalkeeper.

"But he does look at the goalkeeper, so he's taking a chance. I think it's a foul, and the only way you're going to get it is if it's given on-field."

Are goalkeepers overprotected?

Dermot Gallagher on Ref Watch: "The Luton player doesn't have to step out the way, but he does look at him.

"If the referee had given a foul, Luton would be moaning about it. I don't think it can be one for VAR. There's no intention though for the Luton striker to play the ball.

"Because it's not a clear and obvious error, VAR were right not to get involved."

Chelsea 1-0 Fulham

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Chelsea's Malo Gusto was booked for a challenge on Fulham's Willian but was he lucky to avoid a red card in the west London derby?

INCIDENT: Fulham manager Marco Silva felt VAR should have recommended Anthony Taylor send Malo Gusto off for this challenge on Willian.

DERMOT SAYS: "I thought it was a yellow card on the day, and I still think it's a yellow card now. I think he slips into it and I don't think he gathers intensity or the speed because he comes from a short distance.

"It's not a nice tackle, but I don't think it's a red card."

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Fulham's Marco Silva was aggrieved Malo Gusto was not shown a red card and Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino said he would feel the same way if he was in his situation

This season, Liverpool's Curtis Jones was sent off for a similar challenge and Gusto himself was given a red for a challenge against Aston Villa earlier this season.

Is it the consistency that annoys managers and fans here?

DERMOT SAYS: "In isolation, we can look at one, but when we look at a collective it's very difficult. A different referee makes a different decision.

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Highlights from the Premier League as Chelsea faced Fulham at Stamford Bridge

"I still think Saturday's [Gusto] was a yellow card."

"If we look at the handball law, we're now saying what is and what isn't - and that actually has made matters too complicated. We have to sometimes leave it to the interpretation of the referee.

"What you don't want are two very different tolerance levels among referees. What you want to do is narrow the grey area.

"You're never going to get rid of it. You're always going to have a slight difference of opinion. It's impossible to get all referees consistent."

Should VAR be decided on majority decisions?

Stephen Warnock on Ref Watch:

"In a way, what we're effectively saying here is there's no point in having VAR because every decision that's made is always subjective.

"It's got to come to a point where we have a different way of doing VAR where there's four people in a room and there has to be a majority on the decision."

Everton 0-0 Aston Villa

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Alex Moreno's stunning long-range strike was disallowed by VAR after Aston Villa team-mate Leon Bailey was adjudged to be offside in the build-up against Everton

INCIDENT: There was a lengthy VAR check that eventually disallowed Alex Moreno's goal for Aston Villa against Everton. It took three minutes and 45 seconds for VAR to confirm the offside, but did they get the right decision?

DERMOT SAYS: "The player offside is Leon Bailey. They initially couldn't find an angle where the ball and Bailey were in the picture at the same time. So didn't know at what point the ball was kicked.

"They then found enough evidence to disallow it. They may have also given a foul by Clement Lenglet on Arnaut Danjuma. There was no way of getting the picture any earlier."

INCIDENT: Aston Villa also wanted a penalty for James Tarkowski's challenge on Moussa Diaby. The Everton defender followed through on his challenge inside the box.

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Spectacular Alex Moreno strike ruled out by VAR as Aston Villa denied at Everton

DERMOT SAYS: "I've seen a number of challenges this weekend where players have clearly got the ball but have then followed through.

"We talk all the time - because you get the ball, it doesn't necessarily mean it's not a foul. I think in this case, he's got so much of the ball but he's gone through him.

"I can understand why he's not given a penalty."

Elsewhere, Dominic Calvert-Lewin's controversial red card against Crystal Palace in the FA Cup was rescinded, but an FA regulation states the red card will remain on the Everton striker's record which means another sending off this season would see him serve an extra match ban in addition to the suspension due for the offence. Is this fair?

DERMOT SAYS: "Well, it's not my regulation! I was as surprised as everyone else when I read this. You just have to hope he doesn't get another red card."

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