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Tottenham fans call for club's board to resign in wake of European Super League fiasco

Ninety per cent of THST members vote in favour of motion to decide the trust's position in the wake of Tottenham's aborted attempt to join a breakaway European Super League earlier this week; Spurs yet to respond

ile photo dated 23-12-2018 of Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy

Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust members have overwhelmingly voted in favour of calling for the executive board of Tottenham to resign.

Some 90 per cent of THST members voted in favour of a motion put forward at a members' meeting online on Friday night, to decide the Trust's position in the wake of Spurs' involvement in the aborted European Super League.

The group say they can no longer trust the club after they refused to discuss reports of a possible Super League in meetings over the past few years, calling it "hypothetical", and ignoring their pleas to consult fans if the idea was to come to fruition.

A statement from the Trust confirmed the motion, stating: "We call for the immediate resignation of the Executive Board of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, and for the owners to work with us to appoint a new board that has elected and accountable fan representation on it.

"That representation must make key decisions about the running of the club dependent upon fan approval, and we would expect to see that made a legal requirement across the game.

"This has been adopted as the official THST position with immediate effect. We have informed the board of THFC of this decision.

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Harry Kane opens up about the sacking of Jose Mourinho and Tottenham's involvement in the now collapsed, European Super League

"The responsibility of the Club's Board is to always act in the best interests of THFC. The current board clearly has not acted in the best interests of the football club. In fact, its action could still lead to outcomes that are in the worst interests of THFC.

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"We think their relationship with us is irreparably broken. And we think their continued presence risks punitive action being taken against the club.

"We believe the immediate resignation of the current Executive Board is in the best long-term interests of the club."

The motion came just hours after Sky Sports News reported the 14 other Premier League clubs not involved in the Super League plans want the resignations of those executive involved at Manchester United, City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs.

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Sky Sports News reporter Rob Dorsett explains the potential sanctions the 'Big Six' clubs could face from the Premier League following their attempts to join the breakaway European Super League

And the meeting took place while legions of their arch-rival supporters at Arsenal were protesting outside the Emirates Stadium, calling for their owner Stan Kroenke to sell the club.

An emotional statement from Spurs supporters continued: "What we now know is that, for much of the time they were refusing to discuss hypothetical situations and noting our views, they were engaged in very real conversations that not only ignored our views, but were based on an idea that was the polar opposite of the principle we had repeatedly told them fans most value.

"They knew fans did not want these changes. But they believed they could make them and the fans would just accept it. They didn't know how wrong they were. The current incarnation of the European Super League is now dead. In the end the plotters could not distance themselves from it fast enough. So what does this mean for us, and for every fan group at the six clubs in England?

"It means we cannot trust what our Boards say when we meet with them. It means we cannot convince people there is a value in trying to have a conversation. If they are not going to be honest with us, if they think consulting is telling us what's been decided after it's decided, we cannot tell you, our members and fellow Spurs fans, that it is worth having those meetings."

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