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Bright Osayi-Samuel: Geoff Cameron says QPR 'collectively stand by our team-mate' after racist abuse

Bright Osayi-Samuel revealed he was racially abused on social media after QPR's 1-1 draw with Norwich on Tuesday night; Osayi-Samuel wrote it was "disgusting and painful to receive messages like this"; QPR asking Instagram to assist them in identifying the individual concerned

Bright Osayi-Samuel, QPR (Downloaded from PA)
Image: Bright Osayi-Samuel suffered racist abuse after scoring in QPR's 1-1 draw with Norwich

QPR captain Geoff Cameron described the racist abuse Bright Osayi-Samuel received on social media as "disgusting" and says the club "collectively stand by our team-mate".

Osayi-Samuel revealed he was racially abused on social media after QPR's 1-1 draw with Norwich on Tuesday night, describing the comments as "disgusting and painful to receive messages like this".

In a statement to Sky Sports News the following morning, QPR said they "completely deplore the abhorrent abuse Bright has been subjected to" and are working with Instagram to help them identify the individual concerned.

On New Year's Day, QPR captain Geoff Cameron issued a statement to further support his team-mate.

"We collectively stand by our team-mate, Bright Osayi-Samuel," he said.

"Through our beliefs and actions as a club, a team and individuals, we absolutely do not tolerate racism in any form. Full stop.

"What has occurred is disgusting and it is our hope that this individual is held accountable.

"We as a club have been at the forefront for fighting against racism and supporting equality for all.

"This will continue to be our stance."

Geoff Cameron, QPR (Downloaded from PA)
Image: QPR captain Geoff Cameron says the club "collectively stand by our team-mate"

A statement from the Metropolitan Police confirmed no arrests have yet been made but that an investigation into the matter is under way.

"Police are aware of an Instagram post made on Tuesday, 29 December," the statement said. "We were subsequently contacted on Wednesday, 30 December by a third party about a report of racial and abusive messages sent via social media.

"Officers will now endeavour to make contact with regards to making a report. The matter is currently under investigation. At this early stage there have been no arrests."

When approached by Sky Sports News, Instagram said: "This contravenes our community standards. We will be taking action against the account and post."

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'Instagram must review their policy'

Anti-discrimination charity Kick It Out also condemned the abuse towards Osayi-Samuel and want Instagram to review their policy for direct messages.

Kick It Out chair Sanjay Bhandari said: "The abuse that Bright Osayi-Samuel received on Instagram [on Tuesday night] was unacceptable. We want to see this matter investigated and the appropriate action taken against the individual behind this post.

"We also believe Instagram need to review their policy for direct messages and consider cutting them off, unless accounts are following each other. It isn't right that anyone can send abusive messages to whoever they want, especially when there is a solution to prevent it.

"We will continue to work closely with social media companies to improve policies and practices. As we've said before, this is partly a technological problem so will require technological solutions.

"We will hold social media companies to account until the right changes are made to give greater protection to players moving forward."

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Kick It Out chair Sanjay Bhandari says a new three-year partnership with Sky which will see Sky commit £3m of funding in the fight against racism is 'really exciting'

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