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Chelsea 6-0 Everton: How Cole Palmer saw off Noni Madueke and Nicholas Jackson in Chelsea's 'daft' penalty spat

Chelsea penalty row: Hosts were awarded penalty in second half against Everton; Madueke and Jackson argued over who would take it, before regular taker Palmer intervened; there was pushing between the players during the spat; Chelsea went on to win 6-0 on Monday Night Football

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Chaos at Stamford Bridge as Madueke, Jackson and Palmer argue over who will take the penalty for Chelsea against Everton

Cole Palmer and Mauricio Pochettino have both reiterated that the Chelsea midfielder is the team's penalty taker after a "daft" spat with Nicolas Jackson and Noni Madueke.

Chelsea were 4-0 ahead when they were awarded a penalty, given after Abdoulaye Doucoure's clip on Palmer inside the area.

The Blues midfielder had already scored a first-half hat-trick as Chelsea thrashed Everton 6-0, and as the second-half penalty was given, both Madueke and Jackson claimed the spot kick for themselves.

Thiago Silva came over to diffuse tensions and Madueke looked set to win the argument, before Palmer intervened to take the ball from his team-mate.

Chelsea captain Conor Gallagher also had his say to back-up Palmer's claim, with Jackson then returning to the group. As Palmer prepared to set the ball down, there was shoving between the players and clear arguments, but Palmer eventually took - and scored - the spot kick.

It was an embarrassing incident in what was one of Chelsea's best performances of the season, which Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher called "daft" on Monday Night Football.

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Highlights from the Premier League match between Chelsea and Everton.

Pochettino: We need to think as a collective

In his post-match interviews, Pochettino apologised to the Chelsea fans for his players' behaviour. He added that such an incident would not happen again, encouraging his players to think as a collective.

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He said: "It is a shame. We cannot behave in this way, I told them 'this is the last time of this behaviour'.

"It is impossible to have this type of behaviour after this performance. If we want to be a great team, we need to change and think in a collective way.

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Dele, Cole Palmer, Mauricio Pochettino and Jamie Carragher all have their say on the bizarre three-way argument between Cole Palmer, Nicolas Jackson and Noni Madueke over who should take a penalty for Chelsea against Everton.

"It's a process for a young team who need to learn a lot. I was talking about this to the players after the game. It's the last time I want to see something like this. I want to apologise to the fans.

"We need to make clear next time that happens. They need to learn and be professional. We need to be focused on the collective. They knew it was Cole. Cole is the taker. It's a clear example that it's a process we still need to learn."

When asked if there would be a punishment for Madueke and Jackson, and if they apologised, Pochettino added: "No [there will be no punishment]. It's about learning. They are young guys.

Chelsea players argue over who takes a penalty - again!

  • Palmer and Sterling vs Arsenal in the draw in October
  • Palmer and Sterling again vs Leicester in the FA Cup in March. Sterling missed
  • Madueke and Palmer vs Man United in April
  • Palmer, Madueke and Jackson vs Everton

"Remember Burnley? No one wanted to take and he [Palmer] showed the personality... The discipline is going to be more strong. If they behave like a kid? Here it's impossible. It's a shame and unacceptable thing.

"I think we all agreed this behaviour cannot happen again and they were wrong... We are like in a school now to show they were wrong and they need to learn. If they don't learn after we will take some decisions. Now it's about to learn and use this type of experience to move on and be better."

Palmer: I'm the penalty taker and I wanted to take it

Palmer added to an already exemplary first season with Chelsea with a perfect hat-trick and the penalty at Stamford Bridge.

He admitted the spat might have been taken a bit too far, but added there is no bad blood between the players.

Chelsea's Cole Palmer celebrates scoring his fourth goal against Everton
Image: Chelsea's Cole Palmer scored four goals against Everton, including the penalty

"Other players wanted to take it, which is understandable because it's 4-0," he told Sky Sports. "But I'm the penalty taker and I wanted to take so in the end, I took it.

"We're trying to show that everyone wants to take responsibility, maybe it was a bit over the top with the argument and stuff but everyone wants to help. It was nothing major, we were laughing and joking about it. The gaffer has told us now."

Carragher surprised by Pochettino reaction

After both interviews, Carragher said he was surprised that Pochettino was as vocal about the spat as he was, explaining: "I wasn't expecting that from Pochettino.

"When the players were interviewed, they tried to downplay the situation. I thought it might be the case that everyone was sat down in the dressing room and the manager gave the players a message of what they were saying and downplay it after a great win.

Nini Madueke, Nicolas Jackson and Cole Palmer were all involved in an argument over a Chelsea penalty against Everton
Image: Noni Madueke, Nicolas Jackson and Cole Palmer were all involved in an argument over a Chelsea penalty against Everton

"It was really interesting how upset Pochettino was and how angry he is at that situation.

"He's looking at it as the best night for his team and him as a manager at Chelsea, but people are going to be talking about this situation.

"I was surprised by his reaction, but also pleased as well because he's sending a really strong message to the players. I don't think it will happen again."

Dele: Players showed their age

Everton midfielder Dele joined Carragher on Monday Night Football, and said Jackson and Madueke showed flashes of their inexperience at 22 years old.

"For me, this is the players showing their age," he said.

"Pochettino will be very disappointed. The big thing about him is that he cares so much about you as a person and the players showing that kind of thing, it's selfish.

"It's good to see your strikers wanting to score but if you aren't the penalty taker, you don't try and get the ball. They are young so as long as they learn from it.

"It's a shame because they've had an amazing night. It's a shame because this is what people will be talking about, rather than their amazing performance."

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