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Jamie Carragher says Leicester and Liverpool should be ashamed

LEICESTER, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 27:  Wes Morgan of Leicester City (L) celebrates with team mates  after the full time whistle during the Premier League match

Jamie Carragher said both teams should hang their heads in shame after Leicester's 3-1 win over Liverpool on Monday Night Football.

Jamie Vardy scored twice and Danny Drinkwater hit a spectacular volley as the Premier League champions marked the first match since the departure of Claudio Ranieri with a thumping victory over Jurgen Klopp's lacklustre side.

Carragher said his former club will be disappointed with their display, but while he said Leicester were brilliant, he was angered by the fact they showed the commitment they were lacking under their former boss.

Image: Jamie Vardy was relieved and exhausted at full-time

"Leicester were brilliant, absolutely superb tonight," Carragher said on Monday Night Football.

"But they have won the game by energy, closing people down, being horrible and being difficult to play against.

"That's not tactics, that's not having great players. That's having something inside you. It is right that they are asked questions because it wasn't as though we were suddenly seeing 11 fantastic footballers, we were just seeing a team fully committed.

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"I've been watching football for a very, very long time and I don't think I've ever seen a game of football where two teams should come off the pitch and hang their heads in shame - Liverpool for how bad they were and Leicester for how good they were on the back of how poor they've been, just through effort and commitment.

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"We saw Jamie Vardy going down on the floor exhausted, but more through relief they'd got that win because they've been battered.

"I've been a big part of that and that still doesn't change it for me. In some ways it may even reinforce that they haven't done enough for Claudio Ranieri."

Fellow Monday Night Football analyst Gary Neville agreed the victory was secured through effort and work-rate, rather than a change in tactics from interim boss Craig Shakespeare.

Neville said he struggled to understand why Leicester haven't approached their last few matches in the same way.

"It's difficult to explain," Neville said. "There's no way that Craig Shakespeare, in two days, can do anything tactically with these players.

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Jamie Vardy says Leicester’s 3-1 win against Liverpool was a reaction to the criticism the players have received

"It's all about mentality and ability and players will decide whether they want to play or whether they don't. They've decided tonight they want to play.

"They've broken most of their running stats for two seasons and with their attitude and aggression, if Claudio Ranieri is watching I think he'll be thinking to himself 'where was that two weeks ago?'

"I don't quite get it in my own mind how players can switch the tap on and off just like that. I get the fact they might dip in confidence, but to see such a shift…

"Liverpool have been woeful by the way, however Leicester from minute one, have simplified the game, have gone direct, have disturbed Liverpool and they've been absolutely brilliant.

"I don't know how it's happened, but it has happened."

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