Joe Hart says Premier League return is 'more than likely'

What does the future hold for Joe Hart? He gives an insight into what lies ahead in an interview with Tubes

Joe Hart says it is "more than likely" that he will return to the Premier League, and wants his next move to be a permanent one.

In an interview with Soccer AM's Tubes, the England stopper insisted his future has not been decided, but he does not see himself returning to Manchester City.

Hart is currently on loan at Torino, and has two years left to run on his Manchester City deal.

"I feel like people think I'm keeping something close to my chest, I'm not. The goalkeeping world is a little bit crazy, it requires movement, I've still got two years at Manchester City, and the only certainty I've got is the next three games at Torino."

Asked if he will return to the Premier League, Hart added: "More than likely, I'd say, but that's me with no knowledge, I've got no firm contact with anybody, but whatever I'm doing I'd love to be permanent where I go.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola talks to goalkeeper Joe Hart during a training session at the City Football Academy, Manchester.
Image: Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola talks to Hart in pre-season

"If it's back at Manchester City - which I don't see happening - then great, but other than that, another loan at my age I don't think is the right thing for me."

Hart, who was No 1 at City since 2007, was dropped at the beginning of the season for new stopper Claudio Bravo when Pep Guardiola arrived at the club.

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Asked about the situation, Hart said Guardiola had different ideas to him, but insists he respects the Spaniard's decision and concedes that football is a game of opinions.

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"It was a strange situation; it feels like years and years ago now, because I don't feel a part of it so much anymore. I'm a player, I give my heart, soul and passion into the team I'm playing for, and at the moment that team isn't Manchester City.

"The manager didn't want me, so I had to find somewhere else. We obviously had different ideas, the manager who came in came in with a lot of experience, a lot of medals, and I know the club worked really hard to get him.

Joe Hart says Premier League return is 'more than likely'
Image: Joe Hart told Soccer Am's Tubes that a Premier League return is 'more than likely'

"Unfortunately, football is a game of opinions, his opinion isn't great of me and I kind of smelt that when I came in.

"I think I did [know he didn't fancy me], but that's life, that's football. He was good to me, he was clear, honest, and I hold nothing against the guy."

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