Jamie Carragher and Yungen select Premier League XI

Tune into the monthly Kings of the Premier League show on Sky Sports to find out who is crowned King of the Month, brought to you by Budweiser - official beer partner of the Premier League.


The Kings of the Premier League show, sponsored by Budweiser, returned on Sky Sports this Friday with another all-star line-up on the panel.

Guests pit stats against gut when they compare results from the statistical Power Rankings with fans' votes for Kings of the Match on the Premier League website.

This month, Smithy was joined by Jamie Carragher and MOBO award-winning grime artist Yungen, who revealed details about a new album.


So, how did the team unfold? Let's start between the sticks...



Carra dived straight in with his selection. "I've gone for Dean Henderson for a couple of reasons. Firstly, his performances.

"We covered the Arsenal game, a big win for them - up against Aubameyang - and he managed to keep a clean sheet.

"Also, his manager came out and criticised him after the Liverpool game last month, he didn't complain about it, he bounced back and he's proving his manager right. He expects high standards from him."

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Dean Henderson 2:06
Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder says he is not bothered by how Dean Henderson feels after his mistake allowed Liverpool a 1-0 win on Saturday.

Yungen was swayed by the argument but made the case for Leicester stopper Kasper Schmeichel. "Mainly because of how well Leicester have been doing and he's at the back of that."


"Having naught to do!" Carra joked. "You picked him on the back of that 9-0 win!" But, after checking the stats, the Sky Sports pundit ceded Yungen's selection was valid. "Okay, it looks like Kasper has done much more than I thought!"

Final selection: Henderson



Centre-backs created a fair share of light-hearted debate with opinion split about whether David Luiz should make the cut after topping both charts.

"That just tells me it's Arsenal fans dominating polls again!" joked Carra. "I've gone for Jack O'Connell because of the defensive record at Sheffield United, the way he gets forward as an over-lapping centre-back.

"You'd expect them to concede more goals because they do that. But the fact they've been so tight defensively is a credit to him and the manager's organisation.

"I also went with Kurt Zouma. He struggled at the start of the season but now looks like the player I watched at Everton last season - and it's still a young partnership, him and Tomori. He's shown good leadership to help his mate."

Yungen concurred, partially: 'I went with Zouma, too. But I took David Luiz. He's got two goals, so I didn't pick him for defending."


In deadlock, the panel was shown touchmaps of the two centre-backs, leading Carra to fire criticism at Yungen's selection: "David Luiz is basically the only centre-back who has a free role. He should have a No 10 shirt!

"But Yungen let me have Henderson in goal, so I'll let him have this one! The fact David Luiz is top of both charts, it's difficult to argue with that.

Final selections: Zouma and David Luiz



"I'm going with Trent Alexander-Arnold and Ben Chilwell," said Yungen. "Both have been amazing going forward."

"Trent's been creating a lot of chances, against Spurs and United. And Chilwell, the 9-0 against Southampton, he got two assists and a goal in that game."


Carra was in complete agreement: " I cannot argue with Yungen. The two of them have been outstanding. The only one who doesn't agree appears to be Gareth Southgate.

"They're the best two full-backs in the country. I don't think it's a debate. I was very surprised Southgate didn't start them in both games [Czech Republic and Bulgaria]. If you asked any supporter in the country, 90 or 95 per cent of them would say those two.

"The difference with Trent is, I don't think we've seen a full-back like him before. It's not just a case of bombing up and down the line and getting crosses in, he's actually a playmaker from the full-back position.

"There's no doubt he could play in midfield, but I've played full-back, I'm certainly not at the level of Trent, but you get a lot of the ball because you're always the free man. If anything is tight in midfield, they play it to the full-back.

"He gets so much of the ball, it would be a waste to play him anywhere else, unless Liverpool had another amazing right-back and were short in midfield.

"But, where he plays now, he is the most creative player in the European champions. And that is something to say about a full-back, let alone someone who is only 21.

Final selections: Chilwell and Alexander-Arnold



Carra immediately penned in Jack Grealish. "I think he's been outstanding, he's had a slight positional change that's helped him. He was outstanding at Norwich and any time I watch him.

"I think Villa have done really well this season and should probably have a few more points on the board. Grealish and McGinn knit things together.

"But Grealish's goals at Norwich, that was a vital game. It felt like a six-pointer so early in the season and he was instrumental.

Aston Villa beat Norwich 5-1 at Carrow Road 2:57
FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Aston Villa's win at Norwich in the Premier League.

"A lot has been made about him and England since he first got in the Villa team. But I think Maddison has got that place in the squad, and he's not in the team. So it looks like Maddison has taken the creative position in that squad.

"It might be difficult for Grealish to make the next squad, I'm not quite sure. Eventually this will be a great battle, with Ross Barkley in there also.

"I've gone with Kevin De Bruyne," said Yungen. "He's an incredible player, you always have to put him in. And Youri Tielemans, he's also been incredible, really good on the ball. I've also gone with Christian Pulisic.

"I also went with De Bruyne and Tielemans," added Carra. "But Pulisic? Is that just because he scored a hat-trick against Burnley?"

Chelsea's Christian Pulisic
Image: Chelsea's Christian Pulisic picked up the match ball after his hat-trick against Burnley

Carra rebuffed: "You're judging this on one game against Burnley! He capitalised on errors. The header was amazing but he's not even in the first-choice XI, is he?

Smithy pushed the guys to agree on the third and final midfielder. with Yungen breaking the stalemate: "Do you know what, I'll go with Grealish."

Final selections: De Bruyne, Tielemans and Grealish




The panel was unanimous on Jamie Vardy and Marcus Rashford. "Vardy has been amazing," said Yungen. "The hat-trick against Southampton - even though I would have probably scored a hat-trick in that game! He's so prolific.

Carra heaped praise on Foxes boss Brendan Rodgers for revitalising the former England international. "He looked like he was having a major dip under Claude Puel, but Rodgers has got him back to the player we know.

Jamie Vardy celebrates his equaliser

"So often he's scoring goals and cupping his ear to the opposition's supporters behind goals. That's the Vardy that winds people up at times, he plays on the edge and he's a top striker.

"I don't think we give him enough credit because he plays at Leicester and we just think he's got this pace, he runs onto the end of things. He would improve a lot of the top clubs. There are very few strikers like him now.


Looking at the graphic above, Carra added: "He's not going to stand still. He is all about making runs. And what you see there is, predominantly, that inside-left position.

"Even if you go back to the title-winning season, so often he'd make the run down that side and finish with his right foot. Almost like a Thierry Henry finish in some ways. He loved that channel, normally against me!

"Also, that penalty against Southampton, going down that channel again, he likes to throw his leg out and get caught. It's brilliant Leicester and Rodgers are getting the best out of him again.

"I think Leicester's season will revolve around Vardy. If they keep going and Vardy stays fit, they've got a great chance of top four.

"If he were to be out for a couple of months, that would be a major problem for them, I think it would derail their hopes for Champions League. He's that vital.

Marcus Rashford celebrates after doubling Manchester United's lead

The guys poured further praise on Rashford, with Yungen acknowledging the forward's bounce in form and performance at Liverpool.

"Even without goals," added Carra. "He's a major threat with his pace, and I just think you'd see more of that coming from the left because he's actually facing forward.

The guests clashed with the final selection, with Yungen selecting Tammy Abraham and Carra picking Willian. "Abraham!" laughed Carra. "What? That was last month! You've got the wrong the month!


"Chelsea, still on a winning run! He's been a big part of that!" replied Yungen.

"More than Willian, this month. Are you sure?" asked Carra. "I'm not backing down. Abraham had a brilliant start to the season, but it was more last month.

"Willian has come into the team, didn't have a great start to the season. I was quite critical of him. He came on as a sub, I think against Leicester, and he was really poor. But now he's a mainstay in the team again."

Final selections: Vardy, Rashford and Willian


King of the Month

The guests were at loggerheads over who should be awarded King of the Month, with Carra selecting Vardy and Yungen choosing Alexander-Arnold.

After some light-hearted debate and references to previous selections, Carra said: "Look, I'm not going to argue with a scouser being crowned King of the Month!"

Final selection: Alexander-Arnold


The final line-up


Disagree with the final selections? Use the team selector below to create your XI and share it on Twitter @SkySportsPL using the hashtag #KOTPL.

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