Jamie Carragher: Chelsea squad 'as strong as anyone in the Premier League'

Jamie Carragher on Chelsea: "You can make an argument that it's as strong a squad as anyone in the Premier League."; The Sky Sports pundit also looks at how Chelsea have improved at corners this season and their importance to winning a Premier League title.

Image: Jamie Carragher believes Chelsea have one of the strongest squads in the Premier League

Jamie Carragher says Chelsea's squad are as strong as anyone in the Premier League and analyses how their improvement at corners could spell success this season.

Frank Lampard spent £226.1m on new players in the summer as he shaped his Chelsea squad into his own image. He is starting to reap the rewards too with the Blues now unbeaten in 13 games across all competitions.

Carragher has been impressed with the recent incomings and highlighted Chelsea's depth with two different but equally talented starting XIs based on the weekend's win against Leeds.

He told Monday Night Football: "In these early stages of the season, it looks like they've recruited really well.

Chelsea's starting XI against Leeds
And the XI other senior players who did make the starting XI against Leeds

"You can make an argument that it's as strong a squad as anyone in the Premier League.

"You could maybe argue, or I think it's a fact, that Liverpool and Man City have a strong XI, but in terms of back-up players right now and other teams getting injuries - certainly Liverpool - that strength of squad is absolutely fantastic and it doesn't feel like the team would be weakened too much no matter who was playing."

FREE TO WATCH: Highlights from Chelsea's win against Leeds in the Premier League

It was a sentiment echoed by MNF guest Freddie Ljungberg, who has warned other Premier League teams to be wary of Chelsea.

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The former Arsenal winger said: "I think they have a very good squad. They have world-class players all over the pitch and even on the bench and I think they're doing very well. Overall, they play very good football and if they get some injuries to important players, they still have the back-up so I think they'll be very dangerous this season.

"We always say give mangers time and this and that, but they gave him time and he's getting them to gel now. For the European games, they change here and there but they still play the same football and they do really well.

"I like what they looked like last year and then they filled up with some more players this summer. They are 100 per cent title contenders, they play good football and they're entertaining to watch. People have to watch out."

Are corners Chelsea's special weapon?

Kurt Zouma celebrates after putting Chelsea 2-1 up against Leeds 4:13
Jamie Carragher told MNF why Chelsea's improvement on set-pieces this season is so important to their chances of winning the Premier League

Delving deeper into Chelsea's improvement this season, Carragher focused on their defending from corners, with only three conceded from the set-piece in the Premier League so far.

Carragher explained to Monday Night Football: "I look at it defensively with my defender's head on. We covered this a lot last season and the problems it caused Frank Lampard and his squad. Maybe Frank and Jody Morris have done something different in the summer, another coach in Anthony Barry has come in as well and may have helped set-piece wise.

Chelsea corners

"There has been a change in how they set up. Speaking to Freddie [Ljungberg] and looking at the stats in the Premier League and Champions League last season, they tell you that the teams who mixed zonal and man marking, that's almost the best system.

"Corners is something they've looked at in the summer and it's a mix of what we saw at the start of last season and the end of last season. The goalkeeper has also made a big difference.

PL set pieces

"Set pieces could win or lose you the league, but you have to be really good at them. That's what the Premier League shows. The numbers they're getting means, set-piece wise, they can win the league.

"There's a lot more to that of course, but if they had the record they had last season, they can't win the league and history shows you that with the last ten winners."

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