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Jurgen Klopp welcomes likely successor Arne Slot with a song in Liverpool farewell at Anfield

Goals from Alexis Mac Allister and Jarell Quansah wrapped up the Jurgen Klopp era as Liverpool beat Wolves 2-0; Anfield serenaded their departing boss in a celebratory atmosphere with Klopp joining in and chanting Arne Slot's name; Liverpool finished the season third in the Premier League

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Departing Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp paid an emotional tribute to the fans following his last ever game in charge of the club

Jurgen Klopp marked his farewell at Liverpool by chanting the name of Arne Slot, his likely successor, during a goodbye speech on the pitch at Anfield after the 2-0 win against Wolves.

Wearing a red hoodie with the words "I'll Never Walk Alone" on the back, Klopp regaled the home fans with the song "Arne Slot, la la la la la" - to the tune of "Live is Life" by Austrian band Opus.

Slot, who has been coach at Dutch club Feyenoord since 2021, said on Friday that he will be the next Liverpool manager. Neither of the clubs have officially confirmed the appointment.

Klopp - who is leaving after nearly nine years at Anfield - addressed the crowd during a presentation on the pitch made by owners John W Henry and Tom Werner, chief executive Billy Hogan and Sir Kenny Dalglish, with the German offering a positive outlook on the future.

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Jurgen Klopp prepared Liverpool fans for their new manager, by leading the chants for Arne Slot

"You welcome the new manager like you welcomed me. You go all-in from the first day. And you keep believing and you push the team. Change is good," said Klopp.

"No one tells you to stop believing. This club may be in the best position ever.

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"We decide if we are worried or excited. We decide if we believe. We decide if we trust or don't trust and since today I am one of you and I keep believing in you."

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Klopp: Fans are Liverpool's superpower

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There were emotional scenes at Anfield during the rendition of 'You'll Never Walk Alone' ahead of Jurgen Klopp's final game in charge of Liverpool

Klopp turned to the crowd and added: "The atmosphere was great - thanks for ignoring my request to not sing my song!"

"If you sing it next year, that will be funny! It doesn't feel like an end. It feels like a start. Today, I saw a football team playing full of desire. That's one part of development. That's what you need.

Harvey Elliott is hugged by manager Jurgen Klopp after being substituted
Luis Diaz is hugged by manager Jurgen Klopp after being substituted

"This attention is uncomfortable but in this time I realise some things. People told me that I turned them from doubters into believers - but that isn't true. We have this stadium, training centre and you - the super power of world football!"

Klopp added: "I am one of you now. I love you to bits. I will never walk alone again - thank you for that."

Jurgen Klopp

Pep: Klopp an important part of my life

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Pep Guardiola pays tribute to Jurgen Klopp following his departure as Liverpool manager, and says he was one of the biggest competitors in his career.

Man City manager Pep Guardiola: "I will miss him a lot. Jurgen played a really important part in my life, he brought me to another level as a manager, I think we respect each other incredibly.

"I just want to say thank you very much to him for the kind words and he knows behind me, there are a lot of things that this club provided and give to me.

"Otherwise alone I cannot do it, I'm humble enough to understand completely that. He helped me many times with his team, a big competitor in my life.

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As Jurgen Klopp bids farewell to Anfield and Liverpool, he expresses gratitude for his time at the club

"He made Liverpool recognised with his stamp, and the incredible pride of being a Liverpool fan. It's not just about titles, there are personalities that when they arrive in one place they stay forever and Jurgen and Liverpool will be part of the level of Shankly and Paisley and these incredible legends."

"There are many times where I didn't discover the way to play to punish him that I can find with other teams. With him, it's been so difficult."

Carra: Klopp drags people along with him

Sky Sports' Jamie Carragher referenced a moment Klopp was ridiculed for only two months after joining Liverpool in 2015, when he led a celebration in front of the Kop at the end of a 3-3 draw with West Brom.

At the time, it was used to poke fun at the club but Klopp explained he was thanking the fans for their support, weeks after he had criticised the support for leaving early during a home defeat to Crystal Palace.

"Lining up after the draw against West Brom [in December 2015] was ridiculed, he doesn't care," he told Sky Sports. "No-one else would do it as a manager, but he doesn't care.

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Jurgen Klopp discusses his emotions ahead of his final game as Liverpool manager, saying he would love to put on a great match against Wolves as a final send-off

"It's what he does. That's what drags people along on this journey, this ride. There's lots of successful managers at different clubs who don't get the send off, maybe that they deserve. But the fact Klopp, how he is as a man, is the reason he gets this kind of send-off at every club he's been at.

"I imagine he'll be in another job in 12 or 18 months, and I'm sure he'll get the same send-off when he leaves that too."

He added: "This is a much better set up and foundation for a new manager to come in. There's probably more pressure, I expect Liverpool next season to have a good go in the Premier League and Champions League.

"I don't expect them to fall away, this season was a good building block. He's not been afraid to give young lads a go. The new manager will class them as first team players, thanks to the experience they've had."

Alisson: Klopp deserves all the credit

Jurgen Klopp and Alisson

Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson speaking on Sky Sports: "Jurgen is a special one. He is a natural leader, his passion and his desire. He thinks about the personal side of the players.

"I have so many good memories and am so thankful that I had the opportunity to work under Klopp.

"His importance is massive. When I came here I was 26 and now I'm turning 32. I have two kids here and so much has happened in my life.

"His importance is massive, everything he did for the club. He is responsible and needs all the credit for the memories. He was massive in creating this mentality for every player.

"Now we have a huge challenge in changing manager. We don't know too much about him."

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