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Steven Gerrard says he needed to leave Liverpool for MLS to play games

Image: Steven Gerrard admits he had to leave as soon as Brendan Rodgers told him he was no longer a first-team starter

Steven Gerrard decided to leave Liverpool for the MLS because appearing as a substitute was not as exciting as starting for Liverpool.

Gerrard explained the buzz changed this season with him being restricted to a substitute role.

He retired from England international duty last July in order to extend his lifespan at club level but early in the season, he discovered he would no longer be a regular starter under manager Brendan Rodgers.

That proved to be a major factor in him not signing a contract extension and opting to sign for Los Angeles Galaxy at the end of the campaign.

"I'm going to come on as a sub and the buzz changes," said Gerrard, who will celebrate his 35th birthday at the end of this month.

"For me, I go to work on a Monday morning and I look forward to Saturday, to prepare to go to battle with some wonderful people - with good mates – and that's my buzz.

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"When a manager gets you into the office and says that's going to change and it's going to become more limited - that's when you make your decision.

"It's not a selfish thing; coming on as a sub's just not the same buzz so things have changed this year."

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Steven Gerrard was given a standing ovation by both Liverpool and Chelsea fans when he was substituted in the 78th minute of Sunday's game

Gerrard, who has carried the burden of leading Liverpool over the last decade, recently spoke of how he is looking forward to not having as much pressure on his shoulders in Major League Soccer.

"It lets you give a little back to your family," he added.

"You step out of the city, you breathe for a bit, you enjoy your kids and you go to a place where you are going to enjoy it. I think the league's going to be good, I can still start games and I can still enjoy it."

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Steven Gerrard was at a Liverpool legends' gala awards dinner helping to raise money for local charities - including the Oppo Foundation which supports ex-military personnel.

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