Rangers call for suspensions of Neil Doncaster and Rod McKenzie amid SPFL voting row

Club statement says whistleblower's evidence raises "serious concerns" over processes; SPFL tells Rangers to present evidence to back up claims, or withdraw them

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Luke Shanley has the latest on Rangers' push for an independent investigation into SPFL processes, and their calls for the suspension of the league's chief executive Neil Doncaster and the SPFL's legal adviser Rod McKenzie

Rangers have called for the suspensions of SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster and legal adviser Rod McKenzie and want an independent investigation into the organisation's recent voting processes.

The Ibrox club say a whistleblower has provided them with allegations that the vote on how to end the Scottish Championship, League One and League Two was not carried out fairly.

The Scottish Professional Football League tabled a resolution to end the season in three divisions and potentially the Premiership earlier in the week, with all 42 member clubs voting on the proposal on Friday.

Corner Flag at Ibrox Stadium

The Premiership reached the threshold of nine supporting votes but only seven votes came in favour from the Championship, with Partick Thistle and Inverness voting against and "a technical question mark over the competence of Dundee's no vote", Sky Sports News was told.

Rangers had earlier attempted to submit an alternative resolution and accused the SPFL of slowing their attempts to find a different outcome to the governing body's proposal. They said they had received "numerous reports" from fellow Scottish clubs of attempts to "coerce and bully" them into voting with the body.

Now, the Ibrox club have called for the suspensions of Doncaster and McKenzie after claiming they have evidence which raises "serious concerns" over the organisation's handling of the process.

'Rangers will not be bullied into silence'

A Rangers statement said: "We have been presented with evidence via a whistleblower that raises serious concerns surrounding the SPFL's processes relating to its stewardship of the voting on the resolution presented to member clubs.

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Image: Rangers have called for the suspension of SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster

"Rangers' interim chairman, Douglas Park, attempted to discuss this evidence with SPFL chief executive, Neil Doncaster, who initially refused to do so. The SPFL followed up that call with an e-mail, which we believe was a thinly disguised attempt to silence legitimate concerns.

"Rangers will not be bullied into silence. We believe it is in the interests of all Scottish clubs and supporters that the evidence, which is alarming, be addressed as quickly as possible. The voting debacle and the evidence we possess raise serious questions concerning the corporate governance of the SPFL."

Park, who was appointed interim chairman of the club last month after Dave King stepped down from the role, added: "The lack of leadership and responsibility from the SPFL as a members' organisation has shocked me. If ever there was a time for complete openness and transparency, it is now. Crucial decisions are being made on the issues of promotion and relegation behind closed doors and without proper time for consideration or debate.

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"The farcical conduct of this affair seems to me to bring the corporate governance and business operations of the SPFL into sharp focus. It is an example of an undemocratic culture, which has existed within the SPFL for far too long.

"As a member club, we are disturbed by the evidence that has been presented and feel there is no choice but to call for an independent investigation into this entire matter. Each member of the SPFL board has a duty to its members to ensure that such an investigation is instructed without delay.

"All we ask for is equality and respect. In the past few days, we have become alarmed at a seeming lack of even-handedness and fair play from the SPFL. This is surely unacceptable and, if substantiated, must be remedied. Other member clubs, who have seen the evidence we hold, share our concerns.

Rangers director Douglas Park.
Image: Rangers interim chairman Douglas Park.

"We call for the suspension of the SPFL's chief executive, Neil Doncaster and its legal adviser, Rod McKenzie while an independent investigation is conducted."

Rangers called to present evidence

SPFL chairman Murdoch MacLennan called on Rangers to present their evidence or withdraw the accusations.

He said: "It is extremely concerning that Rangers have chosen to make a number of very serious allegations against the SPFL, its corporate governance, its culture, its office-bearers and its business operations.

 SPFL Chairman Murdoch MacLennan
Image: SPFL chairman Murdoch MacLennan called on Rangers to present their evidence

"In the often-heated atmosphere of Scottish football, rumour and misinformation can very quickly reach fever-point. However, allegations of a lack of even-handedness and fair play go to the very integrity of the league and I would expect Rangers interim chairman Douglas Park to present compelling evidence to back up his claims, or to withdraw them.

"I anticipate that the SPFL Board will convene early next week to discuss a wide variety of issues and I will be writing to Mr Park asking him to urgently communicate any and all information he possesses in order that the board can take whatever steps are necessary."

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