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Jurgen Klinsmann talks possible Tottenham return, Harry Kane's future and England expectations at Euro 2020

Jurgen Klinsmann on possibility of helping Tottenham: "[Daniel Levy] has my number, he can call me anytime. Spurs is something that you'd always consider." Former striker also previews Saturday's Champions League final and discusses the fallout from the European Super League

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Former Tottenham striker Jurgen Klinsmann has told Sky Sports News he would be open to a job at Spurs if chairman Daniel Levy calls

Tottenham legend Jurgen Klinsmann has spoken exclusively to Sky Sports News about entertaining possible calls for help from Daniel Levy, his sympathy with Harry Kane over his Spurs future and England's chances at this summer's European Championships.

Klinsmann, who has been out of football management since leaving Hertha Berlin in February last year, revealed he would "always consider" an offer to return to Tottenham, where he scored 29 Premier League goals in over 50 appearances during two spells.

The former Germany striker, who captained his national side to European Championships glory in 1996, has been impressed with Gareth Southgate's leadership of England and believes they have a good chance of reaching the latter stages.

What do you make of the situation at Spurs at the moment?

"It's been a rollercoaster for Spurs this year," Klinsmann said. "At the beginning they were at the top and we all started to dream. Thankfully at the end we got into the Europa Conference League so at least there's some kind of credit to the season that you play European football next season.

"In general, it's been a tough ride. My personal hope is that things will stabilise.

"Spurs fans want to see entertainment. They would rather lose 4-3 than win 1-0, that's up to Arsenal. We'd rather score goals!"

If the call came from Tottenham for you to help out, would that interest you?

Jurgen Klinsmann talks with Daniel Levy in the Tottenham directors box in 2012
Image: Klinsmann talks with Daniel Levy in the directors' box at White Hart Lane in 2012

"Definitely you'd entertain it, no doubt. He [Daniel Levy] has my number, he can call me anytime. Spurs is something that you'd always consider.

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"I'm always in touch and doing stuff with Spurs is always something special. I had the best time of my life there during my two spells.

"In the football world, things happen so fast. I never thought I'd coach Germany or the United States so you have to have an open mind. You have to always think about new challenges, so why not Spurs?"

Do you feel any sympathy for Harry Kane, but also for Tottenham, over his future?

"I feel sympathy for both sides, especially Harry, who has been the flag of the club for so many years. He's done so much for them.

"The market is out there for him. Teams would grab him right away and they'd probably put down a lot of money.

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Klinsmann hopes Harry Kane stays at Tottenham but understands the striker's position, having experienced a similar scenario during his move to Bayern Munich in 1995.

"I personally hope he stays at Spurs but I also can understand him. I was in that situation in 1995. I badly wanted silverware and it worked out that way. I went to Bayern Munch and won the UEFA Cup and German championship.

"If Harry leaves then you have a problem because maybe [Heung-Min] Son says: 'Hang on, I might move on as well then'.

"The most important path now is [for Spurs] to sit down with Harry, discuss the situation and lay out how he can continue his career with Spurs, how the roster will look for next season to make the squad even stronger.

"The quality is there. It needs a bit of fixing up but the key figure in all this is definitely Harry Kane. You've got to do everything possible to keep him."

On Tottenham's involvement with the planned European Super League…

"It created huge damage. These six English clubs, with the three Italian and three Spanish, created a situation of loss of trust and credibility with the fans, coaches and players.

"To fix this is very difficult. You need to rebuild those relationships so there is a lot of work to do."

It's nearly 25 years since you captained Germany to success in the Euros at Wembley. Gareth Southgate has just named his squad for this year's tournament, how do you see England's chances?

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Klinsmann has been 'impressed' by Gareth Southgate and rates England in the top four going into this summer's European Championships.

"I would rate England in the top four in the European Championships this summer.

"I was in Russia and had the pleasure to follow the England games. I was very positively surprised and impressed by the performances of England in the World Cup. He [Southgate] has put the standard really high.

"Obviously you need a little bit of luck at the end if you can get all the way to the final and win it."

Before that, we have the Champions League final between Manchester City and Chelsea. How do you see this one going?

Kevin De Bruyne celebrates his goal (AP)
Image: Manchester City are slight favourites over Chelsea for Saturday's Champions League final, according to Klinsmann

"I think Man City played a fantastic season under Pep Guardiola. In a couple of years you can see the growth of that team and the type of football they're playing. You have to be a fan of them in a certain way.

"I see them as slightly favourites above Chelsea but it will be an exciting final."

What does this game tell you about the strength of the Premier League?

"The clubs are doing a fantastic job in recruiting and getting the top players from around the world into the Premier League but mixed in with British players. That works very well.

"Everything is set for a success and all the teams are very driven.

"The drama of the relegation is as exciting as the drama of who's winning the Premier League or who gets in the Champions League."

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