Coronavirus: Ridiculous to scrap unfinished league seasons, says John Aldridge

"[Decision makers] have to earn their pay by coming up with a format which pleases everyone," says former Liverpool and Republic of Ireland striker John Aldridge

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The Premier League and EFL need to devise a format to complete league seasons that will please every club, says former Liverpool striker John Aldridge

Declaring unfinished league campaigns as null and void due to the coronavirus pandemic is a ridiculous idea, according to former Liverpool striker John Aldridge.

The Premier League and English Football League (EFL) have postponed all matches until at least April 4, and are due to hold meetings this week to decide on how to proceed.

Meanwhile, a senior source at a top-flight club told Sky Sports News last week he believes there is a "75 per cent chance this season will not be complete".

Aldridge argues that an unfair arbitrary line cannot be drawn on an unfinished campaign and says decision makers need to ensure leagues can be completed - even if creative measures need to be taken.

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"You can't just scrap it, you just can't scrap a season," he told Sky Sports News.

"People have travelled all around the world to follow their team, spending money left, right and centre to see their teams win the league, a cup or the Champions League. You can't draw a line and say 'that's it'. That's absolutely ridiculous, you have to finish it, you have to finish all of them.

"It's not going to start in April. Why not have the summer break now for two or three months? If they have to play behind closed doors [after that], then so be it. Then you can have a mini-break.

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"You can even split the league into two between the top half and bottom half, it's just a thought. You have to dilute it and then hopefully start afresh.

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Leeds United managing director Angus Kinnear says it is 'vital' for the EFL and Premier League seasons to be played to their conclusion

"The [decision makers] who are [more] clever than me who now have to earn their pay by coming up with a format or a formula which pleases everyone.

"I'm not just thinking about Liverpool. Leeds, West Brom and other teams who will be looking for [Premier League money] to move upward and onward. The relegation zone, the teams in the other divisions who have dreams of promotion.

"You can't scrap all their hard work, not for me. You have to finish all the leagues before you go on to other things, absolutely."

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